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The Swedish Research Council Formas Effort on Diffuse Sources

Diffuse sources such as traffic, waste disposal and consumer products have a major share of the chemical load on our environment. Diffuse sources are difficult to identify, quantify and limit. The work on reducing chemical hazards has up till now often been focused on point sources.

The SUPFES project is part of a FORMAS effort to fund research and further understanding in this area. The goal is to identify and characterize sources for diffuse emissions, find ways to reduce emission and evaluate the health- and environmental hazards with this pollution. A secondary goal is to establish transdisciplinary research environments within this area.

The SUPFES project is an important part of FORMAS effort on Diffuse Sources

The SUPFES project focuses on diffuse emissions of fluorinated compound. These compounds are chemically stable and persistent in the environment. Some of these chemicals are already established as environmental hazards. There is currently a trend towards alternative chemistries but still based on very limited knowledge about these chemistries.