Project information

The SUPFES project takes a holistic view on the use of the fluorinated chemicals in the textile industry studying emissions, life cycles and human and aquatic toxicity.

To create possibilities for real change the SUPFES project also looks at practical substitution of fluorinated compound in textile applications. This means that substitutes need to be evaluated for their environmental effects but they need also to be evaluated for their functional effects, durability and compatibility with textile processing.

To be able to do this the project has created a research environment with researchers from one research institute, two Swedish and one Dutch university. The research spans human and aquatic toxicology, emission studies, life cycle assessments but also includes research on textile processing and textile analysis and testing. The SUPFES project also integrates dissemination of knowledge to industry and public bodies to maximize the use of the results created in the project. The SUPFES project will test the hypotheses that emissions of these chemicals are mostly generated as diffuse emissions, i.e. as small and large emissions throughout the whole life of the product, and that textiles are an important source of these emissions.

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